There has never been a better time to ask yourself. 
Are your current systems working for you or just running?


Introducing Workforce-Velocity

Workforce-Velocity is a SaaS-based complete suite of products to manage time and attendance, workforce planning, labor cost control, scheduling, talent file management, automated bi-directional communication and performance management, quickly, strategically and from anywhere you place your computer.  

Our proprietary, dynamic workforce management software system incorporates critical areas of workforce management into a single portal and data entry interface. The patented design will deliver measurable results and enable you to maximize workforce productivity while reducing costs with immediate results.

From onboarding to payroll, ONE system is all you need to unify your processes through automation from the very beginning to the end, empowering you to skillfully manage your workforce like never before.


You Are SIX STEPS From a Managed Workforce

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Six Steps

Designed to automate and standardize time and labor processes, Workforce-Velocity features a broad set of Workforce Management solutions with unparalleled simplicity and automation. Six steps is all it takes to attain a fully integrated system that manages the most complex workforce challenges.

Simply roll over each step to learn more.

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Analyze the Organization

To achieve bottom line savings and improve efficiencies companies must analyze the ecosystem of the organization and identify variables that define unique parameters and capacity for each work zone. Workforce-Velocity offers simple intuitive wizards to optimize locations through historical data integration, work-rule set up and logistical definition portals.

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Onboard Existing Manpower

Workforce-Velocity automates every aspect of your workforce from communication and payroll to advanced scheduling and performance tracking. Each employee field is dynamic to automate complex back-end processes such as work rules, pay codes, as well as utilization of Facial Recognition Technology. Entering data is simple and retrieval is immediate so information is in real-time.

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Set Budget Controls and Projected Capacity

Workforce-Velocity forecasts and schedules workgroups according to actual daily sales volume and workflow patterns and automatically creates efficient schedules to meet your projected sales volume while staying within your labor unit budget. Workforce-Velocity is the only system with a dynamic labor planning system based on revenue transactions.

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Define Workforce Automation & Telecom Tools

Workforce-Velocity communicates in real-time with your workforce automating every step from advanced scheduling to automatic calling of employees for overtime. Our advanced automated scheduling module precisely loads schedules controlling headcount, overtime and other unnecessary expenses with bi-directional communication to automate filling of shifts with employees.

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Identify KPI Matrix and Dynamic Reports

Workforce-Velocity provides real-time analytics of actual versus projected work output. These KPIs are dynamically integrated in the system to optimize operations and trigger changes needed in manpower. Our proven management tools coupled with a dynamic employee ranking system, ensures scheduling of your most productive workers and dynamic report generators can be customized.

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Optimize Your Workforce

All systems are integrated allowing end users single data points to control every aspect of your workforce from onboarding to time and attendance. A savings of 10% of your labor spend is guaranteed through a completely automated system that strategically plans your workforce, contacts them, manages time and tracks their performance.

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