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Call Centers have become a successful means of service delivery with a potential for substantial revenue generation. Running a successful Call Center operation means hiring and retaining effective people, maintaining streamlined processes and effective up-to-date technology. Managing by the numbers is critical especially when you consider that more than two-thirds of call center operation costs are related to personnel. Staffing the right number of employees at the right place and right time is ciritcal. Hiring and motivating high quality employees that will perform at their best level of customer service and productivity will enhance the customer interaction and increase customer loyalty.

Workforce-Velocity’s Call Center solution analyzes call center processes and provides these advantages:

  • Forecasts calls and calculates workload by analyzing historical data, trends and seasonal patterns to arrive at monthly estimates, and using day-of-the-week and time-of-day patterns to allow drill down of the numbers into hourly or half-hourly forecasts.
  • Determines staffing requirements and controls labor costs by analyzing historical data and translating that in to intelligent transaction based schedules that optimize scheduling efficiencies.
  • Helps monitor staffing to service goals by strategically monitoring employee performance based on KPI to ensure that your top performers are scheduled at peak call times.
  • Assesses your site to identify outdated, cumbersome manual processes.
  • Automates employee communication to lessen the need for manual communication and significantly increases the resoltution speed of emergency over or under scheduling situations.

Workforce-Velocity offers unmatched flexibility and nearly limitless customer configuration so our solution is not only specific to call centers but can be tailored to suit the specific business needs for your facility, however large or small your operation.

A Custom Fit Solution for Call Centers
Workforce-Velocity is a leader in workforce management systems software and our proprietary technology provides back end data matrices scrutinizing historical data to create a workforce management system that is specific to not only your industry but also your site specific location.

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