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Competition is fierce in a saturated rental car market and companies must engage in a battle of the fittest to survive, forcing the industry to reinvent ways to do business and meet competition. Companies need new ways to maximize profits rather than adding creative fees to build ancillary revenue leading to ultimate loss of customers. The answer lies in embracing process management and lean efficiency standards while recognizing the complexity of each location. One generic system cannot encompass the varied logistical set up and fluctuations in each location.

Workforce-Velocity is the Future of Car Rental
Workforce-Velocity provides an unequalled 24/7, web-enabled platform for success and the future of saving costs in the car rental industry. We have been doing business in this industry for over 50 years so we have seen the changing landscape first hand. In fact, Workforce-Velocity is the only national technology company dedicated to the car rental industry and move planning building profitability, increasing revenue, enhancing customer service and success through brand definition.

Labor Planning/
Schedule Management

Fleet Management

Order Management

KPI Management

A Custom Fit Solution for Car Rental
Workforce-Velocity is a leader in Workforce Management Systems software. Our proprietary technology provides complex back-end data matrices scrutinizing historical data to create a Workforce Management System that is specific to not only your industry but also your site-specific location.

Flexible Products
Workforce-Velocity offers individual modules or our full Workforce-Velocity Workforce Management System Package depending on the complexity of your needs.

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