Measuring KPI One Dashboard At A Time

Damage under the hood can be repaired, but straining the relationship of a valued customer is much more difficult to service. Employees are the first line of communication in customer service and without top-notch employees, you are not going to retain your loyal customers. Employee performance must be measured to ensure that each employee is adding value to your company and preserve the customer experience.

Workforce-Velocity’s dynamic workforce management software effectively defines, documents, analyzes and tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and automatically grades each employee based on performance. This allows management to make accurate decisions and manage KPI, leaving the complex formulas and calculations needed to derive the most accurate KPI to Workforce-Velocity. Managers can concentrate more on the core competencies rather than manually fighting with numbers.

Operational benchmarks are fully customizable and can be defined by work-group, location and utilization percentages on a daily basis.  

Features include:

  • Unlimited separation of job functions to allow true benchmarking for all workgroups or hourly functions for employees performing multiple functions.
  • Productivity benchmarks are defined by location, work group and daily based on utilization percentage, weather and prep work. Benchmarks are integrated with service and maintenance.
  • KPI reports are generated to communicate team productivity and individual performance indicators.
  • ROI is maximized through automated tracking of production output of your workforce.
  • Bottlenecks are identified through efficiency studies.
  • Customized KPI indicators improve quality assurance standards.

Movement Tracking
In addition to KPI tracking, a customized productivity tracking program with time motion analysis ensures an efficiently built business model and accurate transactional pricing platform.


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