Labor Planning and Scheduling To Keep Your Lot Humming

Workforce-Velocity provides proprietary workforce analytics tailored for the car rental industry with intuitive planning for overflow, transfers and lot constraints. Our proven and tested modules for analytics improve existing processes while creating optimized processes and ultimately delivering savings.

Our technology uses historical data and projected transactions to scrutinize your data and identify labor cost bottlenecks and allow for predictable labor control. Coupled with supreme scheduling features, Workforce-Velocity takes transaction-based scheduling to a whole new level and is unmatched in precise planning and scheduling.

Features include:


  • User-friendly with intelligent systems to log and track weekly or historical data to build customized schedules based on location.
  • Planning is based on percentages, benchmarks and idle counts to allow for intuitive scheduling as business grows and declines, providing unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in scheduling.
  • Multiple lot and job function entry per lot to create dynamic workforce planning based on support functions, lot capacity and overflow needs.
  • Real-time scheduling integration ensures hourly labor needs are met with instant updates to analytics.
  • Fill reports that show factors such as weather and turnover allow monitoring for every shift at each location throughout the franchise to ensure 100% shift fulfillment.
  • Dynamic reporting allows locations to add emergency shifts or change numbers in a simple click.



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