Workforce-Velocity Features and Advantages

  • Patented advanced scheduling technology for high volume rental car operations that is market proven in all airport configurations and labor markets.
  • Integrated and customizable to work with all scanning and security systems for airport and off-airport locations.
  • Easy to use interface with immediate uptime for corporate and local management coordination.
  • Scheduling technology that optimizes full time equivalents (FTE) on hourly basis using benchmark key performance indicators (KPI) and actual daily transactions.
  • Timekeeping system that tracks employee time compared with productivity to monitor activity to the minute.
  • IVR communication system that enables one person to contact tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees within minutes via phone, email or text. Communication can be instant as well as cued for future broadcasts. Under booked shifts or emergency scheduling situations are fulfilled within minutes if not averted entirely.
  • Provides the latest RFID tracking for advanced performance monitoring.

    car rental transaction based scheduling


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