Technology + Education= The Future

Educational services are offered in a variety of establishments. From elementary, post-secondary and other institutions that provide training, and other support systems, the increased need for quality education will continue to grow with our population. Attracting a quality student and teacher base and meeting their expectations while responding to government budget constraints and insufficient school budgets seems almost impossible. Never has there been a better time to utilize technology to foster the academic climate your establishment and educational community needs.

Workforce-Velocity’s Education solution addresses the need for teacher and student retention, advanced communication and updating manual processes to offer a solution that will have your establishment running at peak efficiency. Updating repetitive administrative tasks, automating communication and streamlining processes will decrease labor costs and enhance the quality of education for teachers and students. Workforce-Velocity offers unmatched flexibility and nearly limitless customer configuration so our solution can be based on the specific needs of your facility.

Workforce-Velocity provides the following solutions:

  • Assessing your facility to streamline outdated, cumbersome manual administrative process that may be decreasing employee productivity and wasting time.
  • Attracting top quality teacher base and increasing retention rate of existing staff, eliminating the cost of replacement.
  • Automating communication to lessen the need for manual forms of communication saving time and increasing communication with parents, teachers and students.
  • Developing a Workforce Management System specific to your facility needs utilizing the Workforce-Velocity Model to manage labor needs based on education-specific drivers.
  • Ensuring that your qualified personnel is scheduled in the right department at the right time while complying with state mandates for the minimum number of teachers.
  • Controlling labor costs by managing and automating time and attendance for a diverse employee base from teachers to facility management personnel with easy payroll integration.

A Custom Fit Solution for Education

Whatever size facility or level of education you provide, we know that there are many factors that differentiate you from the rest. Workforce-Velocity is a leader in Workforce Management Systems software and our proprietary technology provides back end data matrices scrutinizing historical data to create a Workforce Management System that is specific to not only the education services industry but also your site-specific facility.

A Custom Fit for Any Educational Establishment
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