Maintain Customer Confidence and Improve Customer Service

Your reputation and building customer confidence in your product is critical in the Food Service industry but how do you maintain the above average level of customer service and fair prices demanded by your loyal customers while leveraging against rising costs of production and distribution while maintaining the flexibility and retention rate of a fast turning employee base. Keeping up with the fast pace and staying ahead of your competition in the Food Services industry is tough without effective use of technology, especially when about 90% of workers in the food services industry hold food preparation and serving related occupations which are vital in delivering professional hospitality from the moment your guests arrive. It is of utmost importance to maintain the customer and server relationship, but the need to streamline operations and procedures to control labor costs must be met to do this profitably.

Workforce-Velocity’s Restaurant solution addresses these challenges in a way that is as unique as each establishment it serves. Whether it is a limited-service, full-service or special food service operation, your food service operation, no matter how big or small, must automate and streamline processes related to the management of your service occupations to create a profitable bottom line for a fast paced highly competitive market. Workforce-Velocity begins with a real-time automated solution that is flexible enough to allow for unforeseen fluctuations and retail trends and a nearly limitless customer configuration so our solution is not only specific to restaurants but can be tailored to suit the specific needs, size and staffing patterns for your establishment, whether you are a single restaurant owner or a franchise.

Workforce-Velocity will help decrease labor costs and increase employee productivity by:

  • Developing a Workforce Management System specific to your establishment needs utilizing the Workforce-Velocity Model to manage labor needs based on retail restaurant-specific drivers.
  • Ensuring that your top performing personnel are scheduled in the peak shifts with heavy customer volume while developing employees are scheduled at slower times to maintain high level customer service.
  • Controlling labor costs by managing and automating time and attendance for a diverse employee base with irregular work hours in addition to easy payroll integration.
  • Increasing the retention rate of employees, eliminating the need for additional training and costs of replacement.
  • Assessing your site and multiple locations to identify outdated, cumbersome manual processes that may be wasting time and decreasing employee productivity.
  • Analyzing location-specific volumes and trends to reposition your current labor force and optimize schedules increasing efficiencies.
  • Tracking talent and monitoring performance in multiple job functions based on customer-established benchmark standards.
  • Automating employee communication and lessen the need for manual forms of communication saving time and increasing agility in handling fluctuating and emergency shift needs.

A Custom Fit Solution for Restaurants

Food service systems must be flexible to keep up with customer demand, competition and factors in production and distribution to solidify their brand in the market. Workforce-Velocity is a leader in workforce management systems software and our proprietary technology provides back end data matrices scrutinizing historical data to create a Workforce Management System that is specific to not only your industry but also your site-specific location to keep your brand in front and ahead of the competition.

A Custom Fit for any Food Service Facility
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