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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry will general 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between now and 2018, more than any other industry. With this kind of growth forecasted, the management of information and gaining control over labor costs are some of the largest challenges confronting hospitals and healthcare today. Compliance is an ever-increasing issue due to state mandates for minimum number of nurses per unit and nurse retention is key in meeting the increasing demand for an increasing patient base.

Workforce-Velocity's Healthcare solution addresses industry challenges and presents a solution that exceeds industry needs by automating and streamlining processes related to the management of your professional and service occupations as well as office and administrative personnel, creating optimal workflow and streamlined processes for all. Scheduling in the healthcare industry must be real-time and entirely flexible allowing for unforeseen fluctuations and medical emergencies. Workforce-Velocity offers unmatched flexibility and nearly limitless customer configuration so our solution is not only specific to healthcare but can be tailored to suit the specific needs, size, staffing patterns for your healthcare facility.

Workforce-Velocity will help decrease labor costs and increase staff productivity to meet the needs of your patients by:

  • Developing a Workforce Management System specific to your facility and department needs utilizing the Workforce-Velocity Model to manage labor needs based on healthcare-specific drivers.
  • Ensuring that your qualified personnel are scheduled in the right department at the right time while complying with state mandates for the minimum number of nurses per unit.
  • Controlling labor costs by managing and automating time and attendance for a diverse employee base with irregular work hours in addition to easy payroll integration.
  • Increasing the retention rate of on-staff nurses, eliminating the need for expensive contract nurses and costs of replacement.
  • Assessing your site to identify outdated, cumbersome manual processes that may be decreasing employee productivity.
  • Analyzing location-specific volumes and trends to reposition your current labor force and optimize schedules increasing efficiencies.
  • Tracking talent and monitoring performance in multiple job functions or units to identify your best performing employees.
  • Automating employee communication and lessen the need for manual forms of communication saving time and increasing agility in handling fluctuating shift needs.

A Custom Fit Solution for Healthcare
Whether you are a hospital, nursing care facility, physician's office or other segment of the healthcare industry, every healthcare establishment varies greatly. We understand that. Workforce-Velocity is a leader in workforce management software and our proprietary technology provides back-end data matrices scrutinizing historical data to create a Workforce Management System that is specific to not only your industry but also your site-specific location.

 A Custom Fit for any Healthcare Facility
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