Ensure Consistent Guest Interaction

It is crucial that your front of house reservation systems, processes and people are running at the highest level of efficiency at all times to ensure a positive guest interaction every time. Workforce-Velocity will ensure that your front desk is in peak condition.

Food and Beverage
Whether it is serving a table of two or catering the event of the season, it has to be done precisely to meet the needs of your guest and make it profitable for your hotel. Workforce-Velocity offers a complete suite of solutions from including Time and Attendance and Scheduling with automated bi-directional communication to our proprietary Event Scheduler that will ensure a successful event every time.

Front Desk
Front Desk operations must run smoothly to support your hotel and needs of its guests. The Workforce-Velocity suite of solutions offers cutting edge technology in every aspect of workforce management.

Hotel Management
Our system may be utilized by all levels of management by presenting a 360 view of operations across multiple properties. From General Management to Hotel Management and Department Heads, each department views the same information in real-time so communication and strategic decision making can be performed utilizing real up to date data and thus alleviating the guess work in workforce management.


Six Steps to a Managed Workforce

The only thing to keep you from a managed workforce is not taking the first step. We make it easy.

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