Closing the Sale With Motivated Employees

Making the sale is the ultimate goal of retailers; however, the primary challenge in the retail industry is motivating employees to perform at their best level of customer service and productivity to turn that shopper into a customer. Whether your business is brick and mortar, internet-based or you are a non-store retailer, in today’s market retailers must work with lean inventories, strong cash flow and improve the customer experience to obtain customer loyalty. 

Workforce-Velocity’s retail solution aligns sales and productivity goals from the highest level of management to the sales force level increasing productivity, improving processes, improving customer service and increasing sales. Workforce-Velocity offers unmatched flexibility and nearly limitless customer configuration so our solution is not only specific to retail but can be tailored to suit the specific business needs for your company, from distribution center to store front, no matter how complex your operation.  
Workforce-Velocity will help increase sales and employee productivity:
  • Controlling labor costs by managing and automating time and attendance for a diverse employee base with easy payroll integration and increased compliance.
  • Developing a Workforce Management System specific to your needs utilizing the Workforce-Velocity Model to forecast labor needs based on retail industry-specific drivers and consumer spending.
  • Assessing your site to identify outdated, cumbersome manual processes.
  • Analyzing location-specific volumes and trends to reposition your current labor force and optimize schedules increasing efficiencies.
  • Tracking talent and monitor performance in multiple job functions to identify your best salespeople or monitor key performance indicators of the stockroom.
  • Automating employee communication and lessen the need for manual forms of communication.
A Custom Fit Solution for Retail
Workforce-Velocity is a leader in Workforce Management Systems Software and our proprietary technology provides back end data matrices scrutinizing historical data to create a Workforce Management System that is specific to not only your industry but also your site-specific location.
A Custom Fit for any Retail Establishment 
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