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atsWhen researching Applicant Tracking systems, a one size fits all solution does not work for every company. The importance of meeting individual needs and qualifications is crucial. This paper explains how to identify the right system for your needs.

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atsTechnology advancements are tough to keep up with, but embracing them will significantly advance the way your business is done. It is crucial in keeping pace in the marketplace and staying ahead of your competition. This paper delves into how automation can significantly increase productivity in the workplace.

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atsThere's no doubt that scheduling can be time consuming and when done manually, the process is cumbersome. Workforce-Velocity has perfected the process of scheduling through automation and the utilization of historical data to optimize productivity and remain flexible with business trends.  

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atsOne critical aspect of employee communication is the process by which it is performed. Typically this is done by picking up the phone and manually dialing the employee. The future of communication realizes a process that is fully automated, saving significant time and money in communication. This paper fully explains this process.   

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atsSoftware as a Service (Saas) is not a new term in the technology arena, but it is fast becoming a critical edge in saving costs associated with your IT solutions.  Learn more about why the benefits are numerous to your company when building your IT platform.

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atsTypically, most companies strive to grow and prosper each year. This may be easier in some years rather than others.  Currently, the economy is sluggish and growing in this climate is difficult. This paper explains how automation can be a low cost alternative in saving money in a difficult economy. 

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atsTime and Attendance is perhaps the most critical aspect of Workforce Management. Accuracy is crucial and if your Time and Attendance solution is not meeting your needs, your company runs the risk of losing money and employees. This paper details Time and Attendance solutions and explains the importance of capturing intelligent employee attendance at first clock in. 

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