Simplify Communication With Automation

 Our Call Blast module assures managers essential communication needs are being met in a timely, employee-friendly, compliant manner while saving hours of significant time on the phone or sending emails.

Dramatically reduce staffing and shift scheduling cycles. 
The Workforce-Velocity Call Blast system enables one person to contact tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees within minutes via phone, email or text. Communication can be instant as well as cued for future broadcasts. Under booked shifts or emergency scheduling situations are fulfilled within minutes if not averted entirely.

While competitors rely on manual dialing through unfiltered availability lists of potential matches for open positions, your employees easily confirm their availability and interest automatically. Our system provides an immediate shortlist of qualified candidates ready and able to work, reserving phone time for substantive conversations.

Send proactive reminders. 
Say goodbye to wild goose chases to collect late timesheets, forgotten policy acknowledgement forms, and other important documentation. Call Blast can send instant reminders to an unlimited number of employees.

Schedule important activities accurately and without hassles. 
The Call Blast system is effective in planning for a wide range of routine activities, such as training and internal event scheduling. Polling and broadcast reporting capabilities enable organizations to quickly and easily gauge interest and participation levels without the headaches of more manual processes.

Keep contact and availability information up-to-date. 
Contact data management presents many challenges for organizations with high turnover or large numbers of employees who frequently relocate for work or accept other assignments. Call Blast easily integrates with existing contact management databases ensuring access to the most up-to-date contact information without having to search for it manually or maintaining separate systems. In addition, Call Blast sends database-wide availability broadcasts instantly to identify erroneous or outdated information.

Track job offer history and policy communications for legal compliance. 
Human Resource teams frequently need to track job offer history for unemployment purposes or send out notices about new policies or policy changes. They are often legally required to keep on record employee acknowledgement that such information has been communicated. The bi-directional communication capability of Call Blast enables employees to confirm that they have received your message, simultaneously creating an audit trail for legal compliance. In addition, Call Blast reports the number of attempts made to contact employees, if there was a response and who responded among other critical features.



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