Profit Driven Event Management

The Event Planner streamlines event management from customer inquiry to execution by automating Event Management and scheduling, offering the most precise event planning technology available. The result is robust out-of-the-box functionality for proven savings. In addition, Workforce-Velocity integrates with most existing sales and marketing solutions to calculate labor needs by function, identify available talent by skill set and automatically contact and schedule your workforce.

It's this simple. Simply load your Banquet Event Order details and Workforce-Velocity is set  in motion to manage on-site or multiple events enabling management to monitor and track concurrent events. The Event Scheduler automatically determines service needs and creates precise schedules based least hours worked.  Then, patent-pending Call Blast technology contacts available employees via phone, email or text, in any language. Its bi-directional technology allows schedules to fill with employee responses. Events may be managed in real-time allowing management to view current event information instantaneously and enable quick reaction to circumstances that may disrupt event management or service delivery. Following the event, Workforce-Velocity provides detailed financial and ROI reporting allowing you to analyze your event and increase profits.

In addition to managing events of any size with precision, the Event Scheduler:

  • Builds consistent business practices.
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness through automation.
  • Provides 360° view of events.
  • Eliminates manual processes.
  • Integrates effortlessly with most existing event sales and booking calendars.



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