Take The Guesswork Out of Scheduling

Labor Forecasting
The ability to anticipate demand is difficult, but without an accurate forecast of volume, it is impossible to have an optimal schedule. In addition, placing your best employees where their skills best meet job function is critical. This problem is too complex for a spreadsheet.

Workforce-Velocity analyzes your location-specific volumes and trends based on historical data and presents information you need to reposition your current labor force and optimize schedules to increase efficiencies and allocate your employee talent strategically while maintaining your budget and scheduling goals.

Transaction Based Schedules
Once a correct forecast is determined, the intelligent data is presented in a simple way to management, arming them with the acute information needed to schedule and manage his or her talent down to the hour. Workforce-Velocity’s web based platform allows client secure access from any location with critical scheduling options based on historical analysis or projected transaction volume by hour.

Workforce-Velocity then creates schedules based predicted patterns and optimized labor analysis. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) counts are created daily with a consistent application of the optimized shift times factored by percent of workforce needed to meet your service levels.

Daily projection reports are easily input to the system allowing for advance resource planning and unparalleled efficiency.

Optimized Labor Scheduling
Labor scheduling in not just a matter of scheduling a body to fill a time slot. It is a complex task that when approached strategically and with the use of a powerful automated system behind your decision making, can add significant savings to your bottom line while saving time. Workforce-Velocity takes a more surgical approach to the task of scheduling presenting a solution that with a simple click, managers have an arsenal of features to simplify and streamline employee scheduling.

Workforce-Velocity will enable managers to:

  • Create efficient schedules based on historical data specific to your location.
  • Adjust schedules easily, immediately and in real-time.
  • Optimize scheduling and employee talent by scheduling the right people at the optimal time.
  • Maintain effective staffing levels by monitoring overage or understaffing.


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