Scheduling in a Snap

Seasonal Hourly Patterns
Historical data can be analyzed and automated for real percentage hourly data by day to determine predicted daily operational patterns.

Detailed Availability
Employee availability is fully automated and easy to update and change availability immediately when needed. Availability can also be entered with optional black out dates or daily modifications of schedules. Available employees for particular times or shifts are displayed by customer driven indicators such as seniority or other key performance indicators (KPI).

Job Function Definition
Job functions are defined with unlimited separation to allow true benchmarking for workgroups, hourly employees or employees performing multiple functions. Multiple pay codes per work group include overtime or shift differential and are fully automated for payroll.

Predicted Schedules
Fully automated processes create intelligent schedules based on actual operations. Concise scheduling also accounts for fluctuations with your daily demands to maximize labor. The result is a schedule that accurately predicts the most efficient use of your labor force while keeping over and under staffing within budget.

Real-Time Updates
The system is updated in real-time instantly displaying when shifts are not adequately filled as scheduled.

Smart Scheduling
Drag and drop capability with visible shift availability, weekly employee hours and daily view of fill ratios ensures easy scheduling. Employees are ranked and listed based on job performance history to prompt scheduling top performing employees before others.

Shift blocks enforce customized work-rules creating schedules that avoid overtime with daily and weekly snapshots of active rosters, schedules and hours.



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