Full Talent Management From Onboarding to Payroll

Workforce-Velocity provides solutions to simplify each step of the Workforce Management System by allowing full automation of business processes no matter how large or small your company is or how many locations you have. Whether you have 20 or 10,020 employees, your very first opportunity to effectively collect and manage time and attendance data is when your employee clocks in.

Forget the risk and challenge of integrating several systems for collecting data- Workforce-Velocity is the only system your business needs for timekeeping data. Significantly improve business efficiencies while saving time and effort with powerful software solutions to capture critical time and attendance.

Workforce-Velocity will: 

  • Reduce costs by eliminating multiple systems for data collection.
  • Manage and enforce customizable work rules.
  • Reduce costly attendance violations.
  • Integrate with most payroll systems ensuring ease and accuracy.
  • Execute attendance reporting and scheduling in real-time.
  • Respond immediately to business fluctuations.
  • Increase security with automated time recording at clock-in and facial recognition technology.


Six Steps to a Managed Workforce

The only thing to keep you from a managed workforce is not taking the first step. We make it easy.

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