Take the Guess Work Out Of Compliance

The relationship between employer and employee is highly regulated. One of the most difficult functions of management is to stay abreast of new laws and labor and union policies governing Human Resources. Improper handling of employee files can leave a company vulnerable on matters affecting the employer-employee relationship. Without even knowing it, your company could be at risk and it is costly to correct miss-steps after they happen.

Workforce-Velocity’s fully automated Talent File Management solution provides one fully automated system that reduces compliance risk and labor cost by providing one easy to access, current and comprehensive employee file per employee. Each file is centralized and easy to navigate and keeps managers abreast of legal and industry regulations. Labor costs are reduced by consistently applying labor, union (where applicable) and pay policies throughout your company and ensuring that employees are working within the proper guidelines as governed by state, local and industry-specific regulations.

Assured File Compliance
Our simple to view file integration and dashboards readily show pass/fail background information or need for updated information. Employee information is loaded and assigned a color-coded system alerting management as to the completion status of the file. An employee remains on “pending” status with automatic or manual override blocks in place until necessary documentation or certifications/tests has been obtained. There is no need to manually track employees. The system automatically updates the file as new documentation is entered.

Employee and Risk Management Forms

Employee files can be easily searched by employee name allowing instant access to downloadable documents and forms pertaining to that individual. Documents and forms can be scanned directly in the system to allow for electronic I-9 and tax forms as well as other industry-specific certifications and background reports (i.e., drivers license photos, leave requests). Managers can check tags to allow easy dynamic search capabilities of employee information files or documents needed for various HR compliance functions.


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The only thing to keep you from a managed workforce is not taking the first step. We make it easy.

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