Taking the Who, What, Where, Why, When Out of Your Work Load

Workforce-Velocity’s Talent File Management solution includes features that are unequaled by any other system.

Easy Photo Integration/Facial Recognition Technology

Photo integration with employee files enhances usability. Workforce-Velocity fully supports facial recognition at our proprietary Timekeeping Kiosk to maintain security and accuracy. Timekeeping Kiosk takes pictures of employees at clock-in and utilizes facial recognition technology to ensure authorized employees facility access and time data validation. Badges can be printed instantly from the file.

Instant Identification

The ID system instantly creates unique badges that allow for one-card security, productivity and timekeeping. An additional internal barcode may be added for internal purposes such as security access.

Employee and Risk Management Forms
Employee files can be easily searched by employee name allowing instant access to downloadable documents and forms pertaining to that individual. Documents and forms can be scanned directly in the system to allow for electronic I-9 and tax forms as well as other industry-specific certifications and background reports (i.e., drivers license photos, leave requests). Managers can check tags to allow easy dynamic search capabilities of employee information files or documents needed for various HR compliance functions.

Secure Photo Badges
Photo badges can include RFID chips, magnetic key fob, magnetic strips and integrated bar code system. Badge reports are instantly uploaded and produce instant temporary cards. Each client location has a unique barcode system to automatically pull available badge numbers for each employee.

Protected Security Clearance

Each Time/Access card is stored to prevent duplicate issuance and provide integrated searches by badge number or location. Cards can be activated or deactivated within seconds. Instant reports can be generated for search by badge, name, location or entire country.


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