Accurate and Verifiable Data Collection

At the forefront of Workforce-Velocity's proprietary solution is our intuitive, highly dynamic Timekeeping Kiosk. With its market proven, simplified user interface, touch screen inputs and facial recognition verification, time and attendance data input accuracy is guaranteed.

Electronic timekeeping systems are proven to save at least 80% of administration costs created by paper timekeeping systems. Automated timekeeping also saves costs due to potential human error, stolen time, extended lunch breaks, improper rounding and mismanaged overtime.

Benefits of the Timekeeper Kiosk:

  • Market proven and tested.
  • Easy to use single portal interface.
  • Simplistic to the end-user.
  • Sophisticated plug and play system.
  • Scrutinizes employee data collection from the first touch.
  • Delivers quality data to your managers.

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