Simple To Use and Fully Customizable

At the forefront of Workforce-Velocity’s proprietary solution is our intuitive, highly dynamic Timekeeper Kiosk. With its market proven, simplified user interface, touch screen inputs and facial recognition verification, time and attendance data input accuracy is guaranteed. Our Timekeeper Kiosk offers a system that is simple to use and implement with unsurpassed features that address a wide variety of customer-based business needs. Time and attendance needs are fulfilled by the ability to fully customize the system based on your work rules and policies. No workforce is too big or too small or too diverse and the system can be programmed in multiple languages.

Our Timekeeper Kiosk is proven to save at least 80% of administration costs created by paper timekeeping systems. Automated timekeeping also saves costs due to potential human error, stolen time, extended lunch breaks, improper rounding and mismanaged overtime. The success of our timekeeping solution begins with our next generation, market proven and tested, easy to use single portal interface Timekeeper Kiosk. Simplistic to the eye as well as the end-user, this sophisticated plug and play system scrutinizes employee data collection from the first touch delivering quality data to your managers.

Push technology links to employee records and fill ratio reports. The system automatically updates every five minutes allowing managers access to remote locations to access fill reports and implement emergency call-ins as needed. Real-time data also allows managers to compare current labor by workgroup with actual daily operations to immediately and electronically respond to peaks in business or excess absences by calling in or sending home employees.


Workforce-Velocity calculates time by 100th of a minute to allow for payroll upload of actual time worked eliminating human error with rounding. Through improper rounding a minimum of five minutes per employee can be saved with clock-ins, lunches and clock-outs.

Workforce-Velocity automatically displays a record of the time of swipe and photographs the employee as they clock in/outout. Additionally, the system continues to photograph in 10 minute intervals per location and uses facial recognition verification to guarantee input accuracy, eliminating fraud or employees clocking in or out for other employees (“buddy punch”) by interfacing with employee badges. Added security features ensure that only authorized individuals are on employee premises. 

Employees that fail to clock in/out appear on manager’s dashboard to ensure accurate timekeeping is recorded daily. Logs of manual changes on employee times are kept on file or email report to prompt communication with employees for repeated violations. KPI reports also communicate how often violations have occurred.

Weekly views are available at all times calculating the number of hours each employee has worked per day and week by job classification. 

Employees working in excess of required shift times are reported so overtime is avoided through scheduling modification. Alerts can be sent to managers to prompt blocks that may be input electronically, preventing employees from clocking in and avoiding overtime infractions without proper manager override.

Manager sign-off reports are created weekly to prepare for data migration to the existing payroll system eliminating manual entry. No manual manipulation of data is needed for payroll transport; it is automatically performed by the system.

Full integration with multiple payroll systems through .csv or api formats allowing easy integration with most payroll systems, eliminating all manual entry of time and dismissing possible human error in calculations. 

Streamlined labor scheduling is determined according to transactions or movements yielding the largest return on investment (ROI). Daily and hourly reports ensure that labor hours are strategically managed according to actual transactions versus projections while filling shift needs.

Shift blocks enforce customized work-rules creating schedules that avoid overtime with daily and weekly snapshots of active rosters, schedules and hours. Multiple individualized customer blocks can be configured on the Timekeeper Kiosk to enforce customer-specific work rules and policies. Custom messages will appear for employee viewing when an incorrect punch has been made. Messages can be input in multiple languages to address multi-cultural workforces

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