One System Really Can Do All of This

Our system is industry specific as well as business specific allowing for unique work rules and pay policies, regardless of how large or small your company is.

Ease of Use
We can have your system running quickly and easily so you see savings almost immediately.

Rest assured that your data is secure anytime and anywhere. With the increase security provided by automated employee files, you have the security data to know where your employees are and when.

We are a software as a service based company so there is no hardware or software to purchase or manage. Rest assured that compliance with federal and state regulations are met, even in union environments.

We will show you significant savings and increased productivity by streamlining processes.

Our software easily integrates with most software systems.

Our system is easy to use with a single touch port of entry.

Our products, services and implementation experts prove time and again that our know-how allows us to remain reliable and deliver as promised.

Our system is market-proven and tested and our Implementation Experts are skilled in numerous industries.

Federal and state regulations are met, even in union environments. 

Six Steps to a Managed Workforce

The only thing to keep you from a managed workforce is not taking the first step. We make it easy.

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